Letter to the Editor: Kudos to responsive government officials


We recently completed a solar installation for our home in Shenandoah County. The project was complex and required a significant amount of planning and coordination with the county and our solar contractor over a period of months. Unexpectedly, and through no fault of the county, we hit a snag just days before the installation was to begin that threatened to delay the project for months.

At a loss to know where to turn, we called Steve Baker, our supervisor, to ask for any assistance he could provide, which he promptly gave by directing us to Joyce Fadeley, Shenandoah County’s zoning and subdivisiona administrator. Ms. Fadeley’s response was prompt, diligent, thorough and entirely effective, so that the installation was completed within a matter of days. The work she performed required skills and resources for which she is to be commended and the county to be congratulated for having made available to its citizens. Throughout the process, Supervisor Baker demonstrated a clear concern for our situation, and remained in touch through its resolution.

At a time when bureaucracy seems impenetrable and red tape the norm, it is reassuring to have such responsive government here at home. We applaud Supervisor Baker and Shenandoah County Zoning and Subdivision Administrator Joyce Fadeley for their demonstrated competence and care.

Rosemary and Bruce Wallinger, Mount Jackson