Letter to the Editor: Legislature’s action on Dominion will cost us


The Virginia Legislature agreed last year in Senate Bill 1349, to abandon oversight or regulation of Dominion Virginia Power for a period of seven years in exchange for that company not raising rates. Sounds great? Not so great.

As I see it, the problems with the legislation that removed the oversight and regulation are:

1. The base rates for electricity were already overcharging Virginians by $312 million per year at the time of this bill passage

2 Dominon Virginia Power had $64 million earmarked at that point for refunding to the public. The State Corporation Commission of Virginia investigated the situation and determined these facts just last month.

The net result is that for seven years, Dominon Virginia Power will continue to overcharge for electric power and no Virginian will get a refund for overpaid electric bills as required under the superseded regulation (or lack of regulation in this case.) — a free pass to harvest money at the expense of Virginians.

I find it disturbing that Dominon Virginia Power can legally contribute $1,061,040 to commonwealth politicians (Mark Obenshain got $36,000), pay lobbyists to craft legislation to favor their business, and continue to overcharge for a service vital to most Virginians, along with not providing refunds as prior regulations required.

April Moore would fight to reverse that Senate Bill 1349 and restore regulation for a vital public utility.

Lee Jette, Maurertown