Letter to the Editor: Supervisor’s concern is predictable


The Sept. 9 letter to the editor from Shenandoah County District 2 Supervisor Steve Baker expressing his concern regarding the Whitehurst property in Mount Jackson was predictable. Mr. Baker’s concern over the outcome of this project is curious.

While correct in stating that the Board of Supervisors has no authority in the matter now, Mr. Baker conveniently omits the fact that should an industry come calling in the future, the board will be involved regarding tax concessions and other taxpayer support.

An election barely six weeks away also raises suspicion of the intent of his letter. It is my understanding that Mr. Baker attended only one of several town council/planning commission meetings. His opponent attended every one, spoke with those in attendance and listened to their concerns. Question: Does Mr. Baker represent the wishes of his constituents or special interests that back him?

Mr. Baker states that “government works best when it is open and responsive to its citizens…” For eight years Mr. Baker has been part of a contingent on the board that has been neither. Continuously raising taxes and spending tens of millions of taxpayer money on unwanted and unnecessary building projects in defiant opposition to constituent desires is being neither open nor responsive. His letter suggests that he is primarily concerned about one thing this close to election day: voter exasperation and unhappiness. He has every reason to be.

Anne Zirkle, Conicville.