Letter to the Editor: Valley loses an amazing man

The Northern Shenandoah Valley has lost a dedicated citizen-activist, John “Bo” Flynn.

Bo held no title or college degrees, and as he said gleefully, didn’t “twitter or tweet.” But he set an unequaled lifelong example.

When it was dangerous to do so, Bo courageously stood with the NAACP. He went on to work for many community projects, especially for young people. He always stood by those who got short shrift from the legal process.

Disabled from his service in Korea, Bo worked hard in unglamorous jobs harmful to his health. But he made sure he got the respect he was due, including in recent years from prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Bo always kept meticulous and duplicated records – a vital help dealing with bureaucracies. He advised others to do the same.

Even before he regained his right to vote recently, as a hardworking campaigner he did more than most of us to keep life in our democracy.

Bo was also deeply proud of his legacy from and contribution to African-American history, and of his contribution to the music scene in younger days.

I was proud to have his support for delegate in 2013. He unselfishly shared his connections with seemingly everyone, from young children to city officials.

His passing is a sad milestone, especially for his loving family, but for so many that he touched. I was proud to be his friend, and also to listen to and be guided by the wisdom, humor and experience of this amazing man.

Larry Lamar Yates, Winchester