Letter to the Editor: VFW to honor POWs, MIA


The Veterans of Foreign Wars will not rest until we achieve the fullest possible accounting of all missing American military service members from all wars.

The numbers of unaccounted-for personnel are staggering, and the length of time since they have been lost is extensive. Many will never be recovered because the loss occurred over deep water or the eyewitnesses to the incidents have long passed away.

The VFW encourages the U.S. government to continue its missing personnel accounting efforts, and is directly engaged with other nations and their veterans’ groups to urge their cooperation and assistance to obtain information about missing Americans.

At 6 p.m. today we will conduct a brief ceremony at the flag pole of the VFW Post to honor all those brave servicemen and service women who are currently listed as POWs or MIA. The public is cordially invited to attend. Stop by and make this a part of the Edinburg Ole’ Time Festival experience.

Hal F. Sharpe, Commander
VFW Post 2447, Edinburg