Commentary: I want my America back

To say I was bored during the Democratic debate is an understatement.

For one, the questions posed toward the candidates were not near what one should have expected. It caused this entity to wonder if this was all set up prior in order to help Hillary Rodham Clinton remain in a good light. Of course, she was declared the winner.

As for Bernie Sanders, no doubt he is a declared socialist and wants to drain those who are “capitalists” to promote welfare, which I believe extreme. “Take from those who have and give to those who don’t.” What if there weren’t so-called capitalists, where would the monies come from? Obviously, there are a good number who fall for this ideology, not realizing the full impact. Depending on big government to fulfill our needs would pace us in a position in which we would have no say in our lives. There would be no motivation whatsoever.

Jim Webb appeared to be the only candidate who deviated, but when he mentioned the demise of an enemy that turned me off.

As for the mantra: A first female president. What is the reasoning? I am unable to understand the logic behind this.

I believe during the Republican debate, questions were much more demanding and caused dissension among the candidates. From what I observed, a good many Republicans tend to be more individualistic and therefore have the ability to think and speak for themselves, whereas far left liberals (who have infiltrated the Democratic Party) parade to the same tune.

I anticipate remarks from those who disagree with this discourse, but that is their right. After all, aren’t we a nation whose citizens are allowed free speech? Or, has that gone by the wayside these past several years?

Now, by what might be considered the minority, we must cater to the politically correct wordings – a form of ideological thinking. Unfortunately, we, the people, had allowed all that has occurred because we neglected our duties as true citizens. We had become too lax and allowed the government and Congress to take the reins, which has led us down what could be considered a “dangerous” path.

I give credit to the current president in that he was honest in following through with his promise: “Changes we can believe in.” Changes that we failed to understand the true meaning; never realizing our America would be changed into a socialistic regime.

It is ironic that this president taught the Constitution but has totally ignored it. Yes, indeed, he has made his own rules and used his “executive privilege” to do as he please. When he – and even some others – use the words “the people’s choice” I wonder who he has been speaking for, because he has not been speaking for me.

Now, we have been entering the welfare state of existence. I don’t want the Constitution abused. I want my America back, I want it for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all others. God bless America!

Jean D. Bradford is a Luray resident.