Letter to the Editor: Do research before casting ballot


Every election should be about a candidate’s vision for the future and not about his fight with the past.

Despite obstacles and significant challenges, our current Board of Supervisors has moved Shenandoah County forward in a progressive, yet conservative manner as evidenced by clearly documented facts and statistics available to anyone who takes the time to do the research. Local government is extremely transparent. Every action is a matter of public record. Anyone who says otherwise is simply uninformed.

Unfortunately, citizens depend on local media to determine what is and is not important and what will either fit in today’s paper and/or support the paper’s editorial slant. That’s not a matter of government transparency, that’s a matter of local media deciding what you will and will not hear about. If there are issues that concern you, do the research. Attend meetings. Do not rely on newspapers and especially don’t rely on political ads. Both can be, and often are, misleading.

Before citizens cast their vote, they have an obligation to be informed and understand the difference between verifiable facts and a politician’s interpretation of the facts. Challengers Michael Wakeman and Richard Walker seem to be confused by facts that don’t support their position or are intentionally misleading the public with assessments that are nothing more than their opinion.

Mr. Wakeman’s newspaper ads have been particularly misleading and frankly disturbing. The last thing we need is to elect more candidates with personal agendas and no clear vision for the future. Mr. Walker talks about the dysfunction on the current board, but the only dysfunction that exists on the current board is the adversarial demeanor of the last two candidates who were elected with no vision for the future and an inability to work with opposing viewpoints, a key element of success for a political board.

I encourage the citizens of Districts 2, 3, and 6 to cast an educated vote for the candidate who can best balance the present with the future and who has the courage to weigh all facts and make good decisions for the long-term interest of our county.

Bill Pence, Woodstock