Letter to the Editor: Candidate will dedicate his time to our schools


Shawn McClosky is running for the South River District seat on the Warren County School Board.  He has been on the Special Education Board for years now and acts as an advocate for students in IEP meetings. His grandson is a student at Skyline High School and Shawn has been visiting the schools and meeting with teachers and faculty about the facilities. As he is a retired Federal Aviation Administration supervisor, he has time that he can dedicate to the schools during the day when school is in session.

Shawn has been living in Warren County for many years now and is very active in his local church and has been on many mission trips with the church. He is giving of his time to make things better for others. Our school system can benefit from this.

Shawn also believes that Warren County schools are great at getting students ready for college but he would like to see the votech building updated so that we can get students who are not going to college ready to join the work force.

Teacher retention is another strong point for Shawn. He would like to see us be able to get and keep good teachers in this county.

Deborah Burke, Front Royal