Letter to the Editor: Candidate can move us forward together


Shae Parker, a former Front Royal town councilman and vice mayor who is running for the Warren County Board of Supervisors in the North District, has impressed me with his consistency, his honesty, and his work ethic. As vice mayor, he proved he could bring council members together to get the Leach Run Parkway project funded and completed. As a former mayor, I can say those are important skills. He also worked hard with state legislators, council members, and residents to end the practice of voting in May, a political ploy used to greatly reduce voter participation.

He also recognized that poor communications between town and county governance were causing problems and restarted the town/county committee meetings to solve problems.

As a member of the Warren County Board of Supervisors, he has promised to focus on improving retention of teachers and making certain that our fire and rescue services are properly equipped and staffed.

Our county is growing and Shae knows that development needs to be carefully planned to find balance between preserving the rural beauty of Warren County and finding ways to attract industry so our citizens can find meaningful employment closer to home.

I believe Shae Parker will help us move forward, together.

George Banks, Front Royal