Letter to the Editor: Candidate cares deeply for county, rule of law


I am writing to express my views on our upcoming Shenandoah County commonwealth’s attorney race.

I have been a law enforcement officer for 34 years and have worked with a series of commonwealth’s attorneys. I served as sheriff for eight of those years and have a strong basis of understanding of what a commonwealth’s attorney office should be. I can tell you it demands quality prosecutorial experience, attention to detail, a good law enforcement relationship, and timeliness in conducting the business of the office.It absolutely takes the entire package to properly serve the public in this office.

It is clear to me that Chad Logan possesses those qualifications and represents the highest standard of service as a prosecutor. He exhibits a core value of superior public service and places victim rights and public needs as top priorities. He realizes that the certainty of punishment is the greatest deterrent to crime as evidenced by his high case load and impressive conviction rate. That just doesn’t happen without a tireless and talented prosecutor involved. He is all that and much more.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that political parties are unimportant to me in law enforcement matters. I have an appreciation and respect for those who offer themselves as candidates for public office as well as those who work on their behalf. My remarks on behalf of Chad Logan are offered as an insight into a quality candidate who cares deeply about you, our county, the rule of law, and the office of commonwealth’s attorney. Please consider your choices carefully and vote Nov. 3

Larry W. Green, Mount Jackson