Letter to the Editor: Candidate has impeccable work ethic


My family and I have known Donna McEathron for over 20 years and feel there is no one more capable to fill the position on the Warren County School Board. She has an impeccable work ethic. This was evident a few years ago when she sustained a severe ankle fracture. Most would have spent weeks recuperating at home. However, only after a short time, with persistence and ingenuity, Donna and her husband devised and altered an apparatus that made it possible for her to return to her job where she is on her feet all day.

She was always involved and supportive of her two children while they attended and graduated from Warren County. She remains committed to do the same for our current students, parents and faculty.

I feel she is an honorable and respected wife, mother, and citizen and would represent our students and parents well as a member of the Warren County School Board.

Sandy Morris, Front Royal