Letter to the Editor: Candidate is accessible, works well with others


The position of supervisor is important in shaping our county’s future physically, economically and culturally. The supervisor influences our schools, jobs — including the benefits and viability of farming, and our transportation, to name a few — and must do this through keeping in touch with his constituents.

I have found Ralph Rinaldi’s experience, personality and aspirations to be well matched with keeping our schools and economy progressing while protecting our natural beauty. He is a strong supporter of our public schools and wants to keep improving the school system. He was a teacher in his early professional career and understands public education. Ralph knows first hand the effects traffic has on live-ability as he lives on Howellsville Road, a major rural commuting thoroughfare, and he sees possible remedies.

An especially needed characteristic for a supervisor is the ability to be a good listener and to work well with others. Through his 18 years with the Property Owners Association of the Shenandoah Farms, a highly diverse group, Ralph has shown he can work well with neighbors, businesses, and local and state agencies. During the years, many of which were in leadership, Ralph helped organize a revenue sharing program that enabled the “Farms” to systematically upgrade its ailing roads. Also,when beginning his run for the supervisor position, Ralph solicited input from many of us in the Shenandoah District about ways to improve the county.

It is important to be able to talk easily to your supervisor. Ralph has stated many times, “My phone number is in the phone book, please, call me.”

Mary Ryan, Front Royal