Letter to the Editor: Candidate is an experienced educator


Joanie Hovatter, a candidate for the Shenandoah County School Board District 2 seat, is a 32-year veteran educator who has served as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, reading recovery teacher and elementary and middle school principal.

Joanie is firmly rooted and proudly educated in Shenandoah County. She is a knowledgeable and experienced educator as well as a decisive and diplomatic leader.

This year’s School Board race has many candidates.  This is a sign that a fresh perspective is needed because there are issues, concerns and problems inherent in our school division. Shenandoah County, while a rural county, has thrived in adverse times. Now, though, we have four schools with pervasive issues of not being fully accredited by the state of Virginia in addition to space utilization and overall teacher morale concerns.  Our youngsters deserve the best education we can provide. This starts with the people entrusted to govern and guide the school system.

Joanie (Stonewall Jackson High School class of 1980) and her husband Sonny (Stonewall Jackson Class of 1979) raised four children, all graduates of Shenandoah County public schools. Knowing first hand how other divisions have embraced challenges and opportunities, Joanie would bring valuable experience to the School Board.

As a teacher, princpal, parent and professional, Joanie will instantly and continuously help improve our school system. She has worked with her faculties to immediately improve their school’s accreditation status within one year, at different levels and in different geographical areas. Joanie has the proven track record to positively impact student achievement and create opportunities for Shenandoah County’s youngsters.

Carol A. Fisher, teacher/reading specialist, Mount Jackson