Letter to the Editor: Candidate is passionate supporter of education


Cyndy Walsh, who is running for the Shenandoah County School Board, is a passionate supporter of public education and has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of all students. She is open-minded and listens to the voices and opinions of others. Cyndy Walsh has worked as a volunteer in our schools. She respects the difficulties teachers face in the classroom. She has dealt with county and state governments and understands how policies are made and resources are allocated.

An effective School Board member must always advocate for the best possible education for every child and Cyndy Walsh will do that for Shenandoah County.  Education is constantly changing and she will be an open-minded, thoughtful, forward-looking member of the School Board.

In addition to her work in the schools, Cyndy Walsh has real-world experience from her time working in Washington, D.C., that has prepared her to be an advocate for our children.  The School Board position is an elected, local government office.  It is not a supervisory or micro-management position for the schools.

Cyndy Walsh has more recent experience as the president of the W.W. Robinson Elementary PTO and executive director of the Shenandoah Education Foundation.  In these roles she has seen first-hand the challenges teachers, administrators and staff face every day in our schools.  Her involvement in these and other community organizations has her in touch with parents, grandparents, business leaders and community members throughout the county, not just in District 3.

With three children, Cyndy Walsh has a personal stake in our school system.

Pam Kassis, Woodstock