Letter to the Editor: Candidate is strong advocate for children


Unless we are born into wealth, and few of us are, our best chance of improving our lives comes through education.  Education opens up doors that would otherwise be closed to us.  It gives everyone a fighting chance in life. That is why the election on Tuesday is so important to the children who are and will attend Shenandoah County schools.  We need to elect candidates who support education and will do their utmost to see our students get a fair shake.

Cyndy Walsh is that type of person.  Cyndy has no agenda other than to see our children are given the educational tools they need to succeed.  She is extremely qualified, having served as president of the W.W. Robinson Elementary PTO and executive director of the Shenandoah Educational Foundation. This experience has allowed her to know first-hand the challenges teachers, administrators and staff face each and every day.
Cyndy is the best candidate by far for the District 3 School Board and will be a strong advocate for our children’s educational needs.  She is the logical choice and will represent her constituents extremely well.Ron Golliday, Edinburg