Letter to the Editor: Candidate wants more government control


April Moore is running for state Senate. As a progressive Democrat, she wants more governmental control over citizens in Virginia in the form of:

  • Gun control, which leads to gun registration and then to gun confiscation.
  • She wants to repeal the “Right to Work Law.” By eliminating this law, it will force all people who are working to join a union. This idea was introduced by Obama several years ago through the Police and Firefighters Monopoly Bargaining Act. This act would have forced all public employees to join a union if they wanted to keep their job. Needless to say, it was defeated.
  • Progressive Democrats want higher taxes so they can implement their own specific ideas. Locally, the regional jail fiasco is a good example.
  • Moore also stated that we need to take responsibility for our grandchildren’s future. At the same time she wants to relax laws and reduce criminal charges on marijuana.

John Bauserman, Woodstock