Letter to the Editor: Candidate will fight to help Virginians


What a shame.
There are more than 400,000 Virginians who do not have health insurance and must go to an emergency room when a health situation arises. The cost of treating those folks who visit the ER is paid for by hospitals charging higher fees for those patients who have insurance or self pay.
In not accepting the Affordable Care Act provision for expanding Medicaid, the Virginia Assembly has missed the opportunity to ensure the following;

• Bring jobs to Virginia. Companies like to conduct business and hire employees who have health coverage

• Reduce costs to those who have insurance.

• Support the hospitals that are incurring non-reimbursed expenses when the medially uninsured come to the ER.

April Moore will fight to change the legislature’s refusal to help those who, for a variety of reasons, cannot help themselves.

Lee Jette, Maurertown