Letter to the Editor: Candidate would be exemplary clerk of court


The office of court clerk in Warren County has never, in my experience, been the subject of mud-slinging in any election, until now. I have had the misfortune to view a postcard mass mailed by someone calling themselves “Warren County Concerned Voters.” While I am all for free and frank speech, I would hope that when we, as friends and neighbors, talk politics we can do it without sounding like crank callers on a talk radio show.

I know the defamed candidate Daryl Funk (by the way when someone is attacked publicly, at least have the courtesy to spell his name correctly.) He will be an exemplary clerk of court in the tradition of Bill Hall and Jennifer Sims.

Daryl is a fine attorney, a public servant, a father, a husband and a man deeply involved in his community. He has lived his entire life in Warren County except for college and law school. On completion of his education he did what we hope our best young people will do; he came home to put his education to work for the benefit of our community.

If you want to know the truth about Daryl Funk, don’t look to anonymous mailed hit pieces, just ask anyone who knows him.

John S. Bell, Front Royal