Letter to the Editor: Candidate would work diligently for schools


After attending the candidates forum on Tuesday night, I wanted to write a letter saying that Donna McEathron would be an excellent school board member for our community.

Donna has lived in Warren County most of her life and has had an active role within our community.  I have had the pleasure of knowing and volunteering with Donna for many years with our children in multiple sporting events together and through her active and supportive roll in 4-H.  She knows the people and she knows our community.

Donna has had two children who attended the Warren County school system from kindergarten through 12th grade. Donna understands the needs of our education system.  Donna’s main concern for the school system is the retention of teachers.  Our educational system has seen many very qualified teachers leave Warren County for more lucrative teaching position in other counties. Donna understands that in order to give our youth the best education possible we need to hire and retain the best educators.  This is not happening.  Donna will work to correct this situation.

Donna also understands the problems with the deteriorating structures we have for elementary schools and the need to have this situation corrected.  Our new schools are wonderful but we need not forget about the attention needed for our older structures and Donna’s goal is to work to rectify this situation.

Donna is great with people, she is a good listener and good working with people.  With Donna and Danny’s background in our community, I feel Donna understands the needs of our youth and will work diligently to improve the entire educational system in our community.

Allen D. Taylor, Front Royal