Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s experience is valuable asset


For the last eight years, Sonya Williams Giersch has been a calm and steady presence on the Shenandoah County School Board.  She has deep roots in our county, having grown up here and attended our schools.  Despite serving two churches in our county, she has been a dedicated public servant and a good steward of our education resources.  During her years on the School Board, she has taken a thoughtful and constructive approach to education policy, seeking practical solutions rather than publicity.

Our schools face many challenges – overcrowding at the North and Central campuses, a growing population of English Language Learners, a proliferation of federal and state mandates driving up the cost of education, and one of the lowest per-pupil budgets in our region.  Sonya’s eight years of experience on the School Board and her commitment to practical results are an asset that Strasburg residents should want to preserve on our School Board.

Back in the spring, Sonya was seriously considering retiring from public service.  No one could suggest that she hadn’t already given enough to our county in her two terms on the School Board, and her pastoral workload was growing.  I and a group of other Strasburg parents felt strongly that now was not the time to lose the benefit of her commitment and experience, and we appealed to her to serve one more term.  We are grateful that she is willing to do so.

We need School Board members who will develop policies that put children and education first.  Those of us with children in the schools are grateful to Sonya for her service.

Brandy Boies, Strasburg