Letter to the Editor: Choose candidate based on record, accessibility


On Oct. 5, I attended a county forum for District 2 School Board and Board of Supervisors. I found the participants to be professional and respectful to all in attendance.

As we progressed through the evening’s agenda and approached the time to hear from the candidates for Board of Supervisors, I was shocked to find that Mr. Baker sat alone and that his opponent would not be participating in the event. I found this puzzling, as I perceive the purpose of a debate to be an opportunity for the candidates to present their views and visions, as well as an avenue to interact with the very people who they would be representing. This action alone causes me great pause, as I, like many, are carefully considering the decision we are faced within the upcoming election and while we, as a county, are faced with many issues, I feel that the following represent the core issues, as we head toward the polls:

Education: Mr. Baker has long been a strong supporter of our public school system and its educators. My family teaches in the public schools, and I find it troublesome that someone who is seeking a seat within the county chooses to educate their children privately; again, what does this say to the majority of people who are the ones you are supposed to be representing?

Management: Mr. Baker has demonstrated during his service the ability to manage, not only in the present situation, but the ability to look to the future needs of our district.

Taxes: Nobody wants to pay taxes, but taxes are a necessity and sometimes increasing them is a necessity to move us forward in the community as a whole.

I am a small business owner and come from a farming family. I am a concerned citizen and a registered voter. All these things make it my responsibility to gather the verifiable facts, to make an informed decision and to choose a candidate based on their record and their accessibility to us.

Steven R. Heishman, Mount Jackson