Letter to the Editor: Clerk candidate has 24 years of experience


I am so sorry our Republican party in Shenandoah County has done it again. When Sarona Irvin asked for the nomination for the Clerk of the Circuit Court Shenandoah County she was denied the nomination. Of course, considering the Republican Party history, not giving to Denise Barb in 1991, running Amanda Wiseley off before she could even ask in 2011 for the commonwealth attorney’s race, and turning Cindy Bailey down in 2013 for District 4 Board of Supervisors, I am not surprised that all three of these ladies won as independents and not Republicans. You would think by now the party would have gotten the message from the voters in our great county.

Sarona has 24 years of experience in the circuit court. I am tired of hearing some of the other candidates stating the clerk’s office is not professional or friendly enough. In the past elections I heard this same message from others seeking to win different offices that were up for election in our county.

Having spoken with at least 100 or more people concerning Sarona’s campaign, many of them have had nothing but praise for the courteousness and professional way the office is run. Others said when they needed help the clerk’s office did all they could to help them.

One candidate has questioned the court’s audits and the subject of restitution. This candidate needs to do more homework and learn exactly what comprises the figures in the audits and learn how much restitution has been collected and disbursed. I hope the voters will do their own homework on this subject. Go to the clerk’s office and they are happy to share with you.

I truly believe that the citizens of our great county are smart enough to know to vote for extensive experience in performing the many duties required of this position. Not one other candidate has day one experience with the over 800 duties that are mandated to be provided by the clerk. Sarona Irvin has 24 years of experience with these responsibilities.

George Brinkley, Woodstock