Letter to the Editor: Commissioner has proven that she is up to the job


I am a native to Warren County having lived here for 43 years. During that time this county has been blessed with three commissioners of the revenue who have served our county and its citizens with distinction.

The most recent is Sherry T. Sours. Ms. Sours worked in the Office of the Commissioner for many years before she became elevated to acting commissioner upon the death of a dear family friend, John Smedley. As all are aware, Mr. Smedley was an exemplary commissioner of the revenue and provided a prime example for Ms. Sours of how to do the job and how the office should be run. A key component to the Office of the Commissioner is obviously the accurate assessment of taxes and working with the treasurer for the collection thereof. This is something that Mr. Smedley and Ms. Sours have both excelled at.

The Office of the Commissioner must also deal with the issue of the elderly and their taxes and working with them to assure they can remain in their homes despite a fixed income. This is something Ms. Sours has worked to also address in our community as we have many elderly in this community who live on very limited incomes and face ever increasing taxes and are not able to afford them.

Mrs. Sours was elected to complete the unexpired term previously held by Mr. Smedley and has proven to the citizens of this community that she is up to the job and has done an exemplary job since being first appointed and then elected to complete the remainder of Mr. Smedley’s term.

David W. Silek, Front Royal