Letter to the Editor: Compare options when casting vote on Nov. 3


In a few weeks the citizens of District 2 in Shenandoah County will have the opportunity to elect a supervisor to represent them for the next four years.

Incumbent Steve Baker recently stated that he holds regular monthly precinct meetings. I have spoken with several individuals in our community and have yet to find out when and where these regular meetings take place. Over the past years Mr. Baker has not seemed to listen to the working citizens of his district, spending tens of millions of dollars on projects not supported by many of his constituents. The regional jail, renovation of the Edinburg School, a new county courthouse, renovation of the old Safeway building just to name a few.

If the past eight years represent being a conservative leader, please help us in the next four. On Nov. 3, taxpayers in District 2 have an opportunity to elect a true conservative to be our voice. Mike Wakeman will run the county as a business, question every dollar of tax revenue spent. As a small business owner for the past 35 years, Mike knows the meaning of “tightening our belts.” Mike will promote economical growth while preserving our rural heritage. He has already been at work contacting companies to consider locating in Shenandoah County.

Mike’s work on the Board of Supervisors will be unparalleled. I urge everyone to compare the options when making their decision on Nov. 3.

Tom Coleman, Mount Jackson