Letter to the Editor: County is strong due to its leadership


If you listen to the statements coming out of some of the campaigns in Shenandoah County, you could reach the conclusion that the county is in dire fiscal and economic straits these days.  The reality is very different —  Shenandoah County has come out of the recession in a very strong position, and one reason has been the able leadership of the chairman of our Board of Supervisors, David Ferguson.
Mr. Ferguson’s opponent would have one believe he has been reckless and unresponsive as a supervisor. Nothing could be farther from the truth!  In recent years, Shenandoah County has replaced aging infrastructure while lowering public debt.  We have preserved historic buildings while retaining the second-lowest tax rate in our region.  Our county’s “reserve fund” is nearly twice as large as it needs to be to preserve a good credit rating, and our economy has begun to add jobs and businesses.These things do not just happen on their own.  It takes forethought, planning, and a prudent sense of business and budgeting to provide the level of services the citizens of Shenandoah County expect, while keeping our administration costs the lowest in the region. Nearly 700 jobs have been added since the bottom of the recession, unemployment is below 5 percent in the county and average annual wages are as high as they have ever been.

David Ferguson cares deeply about the future of Shenandoah County and its citizens.  He recognizes the value of our school system and the investment it represents for maintaining a viable community.  He has been a steadfast voice of reason in a storm of rhetoric.  That voice has helped guide Shenandoah County through difficult economic times and positioned the county to further grow and prosper.

The choice facing voters in District 3 is clear: we can vote for a proven conservative that has the experience and willingness necessary to govern and guide this county, or for a candidate who is more interested in rhetorical arguments about the past than he is about strengthening Shenandoah County for the future.

 Ryan L. Richmond, Edinburg