Letter to the Editor: County needs leadership, not political bickering


I would like to discuss some comparisons between the candidates running for supervisor in District 2. On one hand we have Mike Wakeman, who seems to have lots of negative comments on everything his opponent has done in the last eight years. When he was preparing to run, he thought he was in the third district, but found out he was in the second, indicating his knowledge of the district. Also, he has not mentioned one specific thing he will do if elected.

According to his finance reports, he is heavily financed by two other supervisors who have stated that they want two more votes on the board to cram though their agenda regardless of what the voters want. We need someone to represent us, not a puppet for the political goals of others.

On the other hand, Steve Baker has voted every year, and held monthly precinct meetings open to anyone in the district for the purpose of getting input from the people in his district. He uses this information to determine how to vote on various items before the board. He also holds semi-monthly meetings with interested school personnel for suggestions on how to save money while improving the quality of our school system. He has also demonstrated that he can successfully run a farm, small business, and manage the construction and operation of a U.S. Department of Agriculture-Meat and Poultry Inspection Protocol meat plant that has resulted in the creation of eight jobs locally and is still growing.

I feel that what Shenandoah County needs is leadership, not negativity and blind political bickering.

William F. Funkhouser, Mount Jackson