Letter to the Editor: Current prosecutor has record of success


As someone who believes, perhaps naively, that principle is paramount to party affiliation, I was bewildered to learn that rather than endorse the candidacy of an experienced, proven litigator who has led the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office with distinction for the past four years, the Shenandoah County Republican Party has opted instead to nominate and support a candidate with exponentially less experience and a diminutive record of accomplishment, unless one counts a so-called “legal legacy” as the son of a former Commonwealth’s Attorney and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court judge. Although the party opted to allow Treasurer Cindy George, a Democrat, to run for reelection unopposed, it failed to pay this same courtesy in deference to a conservative incumbent.

Under the leadership of Amanda McDonald Wiseley, the number of indictments to the grand jury has more than doubled during her tenure. Of the six homicides committed in Shenandoah County between April 2013 and November 2014, indictments have been achieved in each with three already convicted and sentenced, and the remaining three moving toward that end. Why would anyone want to tamper with a record of success like that?

When we cast our vote for commonwealth’s attorney on Nov. 3, we have a very clear choice. We can vote for the conservative prosecutor who weathered six homicides in our county without any increase in her office’s spending, or we can vote for a legal novice who somehow believes chairmanship of the local Republican Party and the chance at a family dynasty are adequate substitutes for experience.

Matthew B. Pandel, Woodstock