Letter to the Editor: Incumbent has shown his leadership


I’ve been confused and concerned by some recent political ads in this paper.  Mr. Wakeman has an odd way of fulfilling his campaign platform about communication and accountability.  Are these paid ads his idea of listening to the public? Do these ads show a real effort to be accountable and available?
Mr. Wakeman did not attend the public candidate forums he was invited to, and requested in the ads that citizens make the effort to come to him.  The citizens of District 2 deserve better than that.  In his paid ads, there is nothing about what he would do if elected.  Nothing about how he would govern.  The only thing clear from his material is what he is angry about.  Unfortunately, all the anger, complaining, false accusations, and misinformation doesn’t add up to leadership or solutions.To me, communicating with the citizens of District 2 falls more along the lines of how Supervisor Steve Baker has operated the last eight years. Steve attends public meetings, holds regular listening sessions with stakeholder groups, and most importantly makes himself available by going to the citizens.
He attended several of the candidate forums two weeks ago, talked with citizens and answered questions. He has a proven track record of reaching out to the citizens for their opinions.  In doing so, Steve has made it very clear why he is running and what he will do if re-elected.
Steve will support our children and our schools to make sure they have the funding and resources they need to succeed.  Steve will be a voice for agriculture in the county.  Steve will make decisions that adhere to the Comprehensive Plan.  Steve will be fiscally conservative while providing the necessary services the citizens expect and deserve.
Finally, Steve recognizes the excellent county staff we have and will continue to interact with them regularly and show his appreciation for their work, because he understands how important it is to retain good employees.
For Nov. 3, the stark contrast between the candidates’ capability and willingness to lead is obvious.
Denise L. Click, Quicksburg