Letter to the Editor: Know the real facts about candidates


Bill Pence’s letter said it best: “research before casting ballot” and know the facts.

There have been too many accusations of mismanagement by three members of the Board of Supervisors. I have worked with Steve Baker, David Ferguson and Conrad Helsley and sat in on supervisors’ meetings and work sessions.  The work sessions are where each issue is discussed before the regular meeting where the official voting takes place. Each of these supervisors come into the work session well prepared and they take everything into consideration in the county’s best interest – not only the short term but looking at the long term. They are professional and don’t always agree but come to a consensus of what is best before voting. If there is a question requiring facts, action is tabled for more information. Other supervisors have their minds made up before listening to the whole story or understanding the facts.

Steve, David and Conrad have visited our schools and understand the problems. They have been frugal with  taxpayers’ funds. However, it must be understood that if we want services, we have to pay for them. Long-term thinking is required! The regional jail, charter school, and Social Services building (old Safeway) were forward- thinking and saved the county money.

We need to focus on schools and education of our children. New state and federal requirements are expensive. It is not the school classrooms that most of us grew up with. I’ve been in the schools and there is a difference and we need to fund them with whatever it takes. Our county will not grow and attract new business unless we invest in our children’s education. Remember who paid for your education! Now it is our time to pay up.

It’s time to help the county grow. On Tuesday, vote responsibly on facts and not ads, hearsay, special interests, or vocal individuals who distort the facts. If we keep supervisors Baker, Ferguson, and Helsley in office, Shenandoah County can move forward in the best interests for the long-term. They are part of the county and know what’s needed.

Raymond Powell, Woodstock