Letter to the Editor: Know your candidate


In the 29th district, the delegate in Richmond is Mark J. Berg.  He has been doing a great job keeping an eye on the Virginia government for the district.  He was elected as delegate in 2013.  He is a retired physician, member of Sacred Heart Church in Winchester and Republican.  He is honest and trustworthy.

In the June 9 Republican Primary, Del. Mark J. Berg won Frederick County by 443 votes. Even though the entire Frederick County Board of Supervisors endorsed his opponent, he won Warren County by 77 votes, but lost the City of Winchester mainly due to the voting of Merriman’s Lane area precinct, thus losing the primary by 166 votes.  Votes do matter and it is important to vote in a state election.

Please exercise the right and privilege and vote in the Nov. 3 election. Think about the principles the present delegate maintains.  Those principals include supporting parental rights, pro-life, pro-family, 2nd amendment gun rights, limited central government, fiscal responsibility, property rights, traditional marriage, 10th amendment states’ rights, lower taxes, less spending and preserving your privacy.  The present delegate has gone to Richmond and accomplished what he said he would do.  He has blocked Medicaid expansion, which even according to the Frederick County Board of Supervisors would increase spending in Frederick County, as well as other municipalities.

In his opponent’s slick flyers, we are led to believe that a physician does not care for children, the sick or the old and that he lacks compassion.  This sounds like more Democratic prattle.  Nowhere in the five slick flyers or the letter I received from his opponent during the primary did I see anything about keeping Medicaid expansion out of Virginia.  Could there be a reason for this omission?

Voters should be very careful who they choose and be informed where each candidate stands on an issue. Remember, if a voter is not sure where a candidate stands, and the candidate is running unopposed, the voter may go into the voting booth and just not vote for that candidate or write in a principled candidate.

Rebecca Morrison, Frederick County