Letter to the Editor: ‘S’ curve is in town, not in the county


I’m writing in response to an Oct. 17 letter by Mary Kay Clark. As Shenandoah Magisterial District’s Republican Committee chairwoman, she is supporting that party’s candidate, Tom Sayre, for the open seat on Warren County Board of Supervisors.

Reading her comments I was saddened and upset that she and her candidate seem to know so little about the transportation needs and programs in Warren County. She states,  “Among Tom’s concerns now are the dangerous “S” curve on Happy Creek Road that needs to be fixed and upgraded due to more traffic.”

Mr. Sayre also mentioned fixing the  “S” curve as one of his top priorities during a candidate forum. While the “S” curve they refer to is a dangerous location along Happy Creek Road and no doubt needs to be fixed, I would suggest that a geography lesson may be in order. The curve is located within Front Royal and, by the way, is within sight of and traveled by Mr. Sayre daily to and from his home. Being located in Front Royal, the Town Council is responsible for setting and funding transportation priorities such as fixing the  “S” curve. It’s unfortunate that after having served two terms on Town Council, Mr. Sayre apparently doesn’t know that. Perhaps he needs to be reminded he is seeking a supervisor’s seat and not a Town Council seat.

Fortunately for Shenandoah District residents there is an alternative candidate – Mr. Ralph Rinaldi – who has done his homework on the county’s transportation program. He realizes the differences between a project in the town and county and that limited funding coming from the Virginia Department of Transportation needs to be applied to priority projects in the county that are established by the supervisors. Mr. Rinaldi is committed to supporting the current board’s  priority – transportation projects that include completion of the South Fork bridge replacement project, widening of Route 55 east to four lanes, upgrade of the county portion of Happy Creek Road, Leach Run Parkway construction, paving remaining portions of Blue Mountain and Oregon Hollow roads, and continued funding for the Rural Addition program for upgrading private subdivision roads.


William Surface, Front Royal