Letter to the Editor: Some delegates hypocritical over gun issue


Gov. Terry McAuliffe recently issued an executive order prohibiting individuals from openly carrying firearms into offices occupied by state agencies.

The governor’s action does not apply to individuals with concealed carry permits. It simply places the same restrictions on people entering our local Department of Motor Vehicles office and other state offices as those already in place at the General Assembly building in Richmond.

Our state senators and delegates have already made it illegal to openly carry a firearm into the offices where they work. The Republican leadership in the Virginia House of Delegates and their ally, the National Rifle Association, oppose the governor’s actions and vow to continue to fight sensible gun control measures.

I find it very hypocritical that our General Assembly members protect themselves by limiting firearms in their workplace, yet some of those same members do not see fit to protect other state employees or the general public.

Mary Gessner, Woodstock