Letter to the Editor: Supervisor represents essential steady leadership


On Oct 5, a District 2 candidates’ forum was held at Triplett Tech for the Shenandoah County School Board and Board of Supervisor candidates. As a lifelong resident of Shenandoah County who understands the significance of this November’s election, I attended. I applaud those candidates who also attended the question and answer session. All three School Board candidates participated and answered questions; however, only one of the two Board of Supervisor candidates attended ” incumbent Steve Baker.

In a letter to this newspaper on Sept. 22 titled, “Failure to listen to citizens harms county,” Mr. Baker’s opponent stressed the importance of elected officials interacting with their constituents and the problems it can create when they do not act as such. On Oct. 5, I was fortunate enough to witness Mr. Baker’s positive interaction and open, transparent communication with his constituents, attributes he has demonstrated consistently during his time as supervisor. Contrary to his own words, Mr. Baker’s opponent chose not to attend. I ask the citizens in District 2, what does his absence say about his ability to listen, his desire to communicate, and his willingness to interact with his constituents?

District 2 deserves a supervisor with a strong record of civic engagement, the ability to listen, and the confidence to stand behind his decisions and perspectives. There is no doubt Mr. Baker is such a leader, clearly demonstrated at the forum as he poignantly fielded questions from citizens. Mr. Baker has many years of service as a supervisor and participation on county committees. Mr. Baker regularly holds stakeholder meetings, and frequently tours the county schools and county facilities. He communicates with citizens, is knowledgeable of the facts, and is diligent in collecting all the information necessary to reach an informed decision in the best interest of the citizens of Shenandoah County. These are the qualities the citizens of District 2 deserve in a supervisor. Mr. Baker has a vision of great opportunity for Shenandoah County, building upon an already existing, solid foundation.

William C. Gangwer, New Market