Letter to the Editor: Tea party recalcitrants pose threat to education


We call them the tea party. In Washington they are 30 or 40 alleged Republicans. They have shut down the government; humiliated their own leader, the speaker; driven him from office; and run off his would-be successor. They have no intention to govern. Their principle is, “Our way or the highway.”

In many places, including Shenandoah County, they have functioning counterparts. Here, they chose the name Constitutional Conservatives. Any resemblance of what these recalcitrants say or do to the Constitution is purely coincidence. But, like their Congressional models, they have wrought considerable chaos.

The tea party’s most dangerous threat here is to the effective education of our public school children. They now have two members of the supervisors, and many candidates (it’s the supervisors who provide local funds for the schools). They have quite a record. They have often opposed funds for the schools (even when they were inadequate in the first place); they attacked the widely respected superintendent; they have discredited the teachers; and false allegations about school expenditures are their stock in trade. Their stance on the schools is so disturbing that a voluntary organization of hundreds of parents — PASS-Parents Alliance for Strong Schools — has been formed in reaction.

Three county supervisors are seeking re-election – Steve Baker in District 2, David Ferguson in District 3, and Conrad Helsley in District 6. They may not have been Santa Claus to the school system, but they have been responsible, certainly compared with their opponents. Ordinarily, it’s not easy for voters to support candidates from another party. This year, however, if you have regard for our 6,000 students and the 1,000 teachers and staff who work with them, the decision is easy.

Do get out and vote; (they will).

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock