Letter to the Editor: The Bible states ‘thou shalt not kill’


In reading Andy Schmookler’s article on abortion in this paper on Oct. 3, I guess I’m confused as to his stand on the issue.

He states clearly that the Bible is mute on the subject of abortion. I guess I have studied the Bible more than any or all of my books put together and the Bible is very clear on this issue in the Old and New Testament. God gave Moses the Ten  Commandants and one of them says very plainly “thou shalt not kill.”

In the New Testament, Jesus was very passionate when it came to children. He states it would be better for one to have a millstone around his neck and be thrown into the sea than to harm one of these little ones. Life begins at conception and to take one of these so-called fetuses, murder it and sell the body parts is a sin. I know one can take “thou shalt not kill” and twist it around to suit the occasion, but that’s another story.

The author also seems to imply that Christians are more concerned about the issue of abortion than helping the needy and the poor. Another false assumption. I have a friend who worked for FEMA and his observation that it was the churches that took on the load of helping those in need with no tax dollars spent verses what our government could do. The church I attend is constantly reaching out to the poor and needy in this country, in our local community and around the world.

To state that the abortion issue should not be fought in the political arena is probably true. Our lawmakers should never make anything legal that goes against God’s law. It also confuses me why so many churches are voting on same sex marriage. Why vote on something that is already settled in the Bible? Life could be so simple if we would only follow the instruction manual written thousands of years ago. Man makes it difficult.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg