Letter to the Editor: Vote for candidates who know real problems in our schools


An organization in Shenandoah County is urging parents and teachers to vote for all candidates for School Board or Board of Supervisors who have given, or indicate they will give, the school division a blank funding check.  This organization claims it has support of most parents and teachers.  I believe those folks are wise enough to think for themselves and reach their own voting conclusions.

The organization leaders claim that our students will be at a disadvantage when they compete for college or jobs because we are not spending enough on our schools.  They want us to believe that more classrooms, more teachers, more space, more computers, more everything will make our students smarter.  Those items will help but won’t solve the real problems – academic programs that “teach to the test” rather than teach critical thinking, parents who are not involved in their children’s daily school work, and students who waste their opportunity to learn.  These are problems our current School Board has failed to solve.

When our graduates compete for jobs or college, the admissions and personnel people won’t care how much we spent on their schools, or how many students were in each classroom, or how much technology they had.  They will be looking for the graduates who overcame those hurdles and who learned to present themselves well, to speak intelligently, and to analyze and solve problems.  Those skills are developed by self-discipline assisted by whatever tools the school system can afford.  How else would you explain students from poorly funded school districts gaining admission to our top universities and obtaining meaningful jobs?  Those students were self-motivated, determined, and they ignored peer pressure.

Barbara Bliss and Mike Wakeman in District 2; Roger Barbee and Rich Walker in District 3; and Van Holmes and John Massoud in District 6 know the real problems with our schools and will fight to correct them. Electing them will be a start to solving our school problems and to avoiding waste of tax dollars.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock