Letter to the Editor: Vote Tuesday to stop excessive spending


One very important issue that was not addressed at the candidate’s forum was the regional jail. Incumbent Dan Murray, North Fork District, currently sits on the board representing Warren County, along with County Administrator Douglas Stanley as chairman. The jail continues to experience problems ranging from poor food quality, inmates care complaints, to employee turnover at all levels.

There are numerous problems at this facility, one being the cost of maintaining the facility. It is much greater than was presented to the public when it passed. Current supervisor Tony Carter announced at this year’s budget meeting that the county will have to increase real estate taxes by at least 7.5 percent per year for the next two years to cover capital projects costs, which includes the regional jail. This is a minimum increase of 15 percent over the next two years.

Do all counties that utilize the regional jail have the same financial obligation as Warren County?  If a county opts out, does it still have a financial obligation? Or does the entire financial obligation land in the laps of the citizens of Warren County?

Was this a wise financial decision by the county supervisors? Again, just like the Dominion Power plant, why would the Board of Supervisors vote for a facility in our county that does not enhance this community, increase jobs or give us additional tax revenue? And as for the Dominion Power plant, a hazard to our health. Why? Why? Why?

It is disturbing that no one on the current Board of Supervisors, the county administrator, incumbent Dan Murray has given any explanation to the citizens of Warren County as to why it is now costing the taxpayers more!

Maybe it is time for a change. On Tuesday, the citizens of this county will have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Stop the excessive spending!

Debra Siksay, Front Royal