Letter to the Editor: Warren board needs to change


The Warren County Board of Supervisors is sorely in need of a shake-up. The board has become the mindless tool of the county administrator and is unable to effectively analyze and challenge budget issues presented to it.

The upcoming election presents an opportunity to give the board a new point of view. Electing Tom Sayre in the Shenandoah District will bring a true conservative with a real belief in fiscal responsibility. Electing Shae Parker in the North River District will bring an analytical thinker who reads and understands issues before voting.

Electing the above candidates will help break up the clubhouse mentality of the current board — a board that refuses to listen to public opinion and that kowtows to the county administrator’s every whim. The board should bring fiscal restraint to the budget process rather than letting the county bureaucracy run wild with new and expensive projects. The upcoming election this November is an opportunity to get the board back on track.

Jim Bond, Warren County