Letter to the Editor: We need to elect someone who knows town, county


Were we in school hearing students or staff verbally downgraded, we would recognize that behavior as bullying. It is an attack aiming for power and control to achieve submission and cooperation with the bullies’ viewpoint.If elected officials do this to citizens exercising their rights to question, make requests, and express opinions to their elected officials, it is still bullying.

Six people spoke recently to Town Council on the new town/county water agreement. Then one supervisor referred to the six as naysayers while another supervisor claimed that with only six speaking, the other 14,400 people are likely satisfied with the agreement. Therefore, they do not  speak to Town Council. That is amusing as a ploy?

These are not six isolated people. Other citizens exist with the same views and with thanks the six spoke.

Then, a third supervisor, an incumbent, was cited as having the answer: consolidate. At the chamber forum, that incumbent did not hold that view among other candidates who said the persons with whom they spoke, do not want consolidation. The incumbent also praised a person for showing up at budget hearings but the person never got to speak. What do these supervisors want? What do they really believe?

Most people know that public hearings are poorly attended as are government meetings. Do they want attendance? Citizens who speak or not? Should young to old citizens speak in a civil manner if leadership does not?

We so truly need to elect someone who knows town and county, believes in creating our mutual success, says the same thing in a friendly way under all circumstances, and who can represent the 40 percent of us who live in the town.

Linda J. Allen, Front Royal