Letter to the Editor: We should keep fighting expansion of Medicare


While reading April Moore’s Oct. 9 opinion, I discerned a flaw in her logic for expanding Medicaid in Virginia through the Affordable Care Act.

She mentioned that Virginia is losing money to other states that are accepting the federal government’s offer because we are still going to pay for the program whether or not we accept it. While she may be right that Virginians are going to be carrying the burden for the rest of the nation’s Medicaid expansion, she is incorrect that this would be a reason to accept the program.

You cannot blame the General Assembly, or the Republican leadership for the economic repercussions of a social program that continues to take money out of the pockets of Virginians even after our clear disapproval of it. The 400,000 uninsured individuals that April Moore refers to should be able to explore the free market for health care options but are hindered by the federal government’s join or die approach to the issue.

If what she was referring to was truly an offer, then Virginians would have the option to retain the money that would otherwise be used for the program to purchase insurance from the private sector, but this is not the case. The refusal to accept that the federal tax revenue to pay for this program didn’t just materialize out of thin air but rather the pockets of Virginia taxpayers is why we are having this discussion right now.

Refusal to accept the expansion of Medicaid by Republican legislators has been good for Virginia because we will not condone a program like the Affordable Care Act, even if we are forced to fund it. I commend our steadfast Republican legislators who refuse to allow Virginia to delve further into government subsidized health care, and we should continue the fight against it by supporting them in their efforts.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock