Letters to the Editor: Candidate has leadership qualities


I encourage the voters in the South River district take a good look at both candidates for School Board.

Shawn McClosky went door to door and collected the signatures necessary to get on the ballot.  Shawn is financing his own campaign.  This shows that he has the time and devotion to get the job done.

He further demonstrates this dedication by being involved in our school system.  He has been appointed to the special education advisory committee by the school board the last four years.  Shawn volunteers as a surrogate parent in the schools and has assisted parents with the IEP process.

Shawn has experience managing and leading, which he gained as a noncommissioned officer in the Air National Guard and a supervisor at the air traffic command center.

Shawn has been on the committee which organizes mission trips at our church and ensured every effort was made to include our youth, which was a huge success.

I encourage people to take a look and they will see that Shawn McClosky is the only logical choice for School Board for the South River District.

Robert Finnell, Front Royal