Commentary: All have something to be thankful for

Thankfulness. How many ways can we say it? What’s it mean? We give thanks before a meal, when we wake up from surgery or when our teenager comes home from a late night with friends. So many ways we can give thanks for something dear to us.

I have vivid memories of my mom working all day on this master piece meal for Thanksgiving. And it was a work of pure art. The colors of brown, yellow, red, orange and green! It smelled so good and tasted amazing. She would work for two days creating this masterpiece. I timed her one year, as she worked and chopped and stirred her creation. It was phenomenal. And no one can compare! And when we were done, we were as full as the stuffed turkey and we were certain we couldn’t eat until Christmas we would be that full. How about you?

As my family sits down together at the table on Thanksgiving, we play this game as we eat our wonderful Thanksgiving meal and everyone has to participate. Even the guys! As we devour the turkey and the dressing, we have to go around the table and say what we are thankful for and everyone must say at least one thing they give thanks for this Thanksgiving. It has changed from year to year, such as good health, better health, a new job, one year it was a heart for our granddaughter who is now 5! We give thanks for having each other. We are still together!

Our table has gotten smaller for different reasons. Some of us have out grown the venue or are multiplying or living in another town far away, and of course, loss. We are no different, but one thing is certain, if someone is not there, it’s on our minds certainly. We always forget to say one thing we are thankful for, and that is that we are together. I guess we take that for granted.

This game we play reminds us of what is important every day. Simple, but true. Every day of the year should be Thanksgiving. We can’t have turkey, dressing and mash potatoes every day but we can certainly give thanks for our blessings no matter how small or how big they may be.

We can’t say thanks enough, and yet we have so many times that we are just thankful. For some it is hard. Some have suffered great loss and have emptiness that just can’t be fulfilled but somehow they find it in themselves to get up and pull up the boot straps and march onward — put on a good front for others.

I guess I am just getting sappy in my old age. I am thankful for a lot this year and thanks be to God for sure for making it happen. We can all find one thing that we are thankful for this year. As you each pass the turkey this year, let’s all slow down, and find that one thing we give thanks for this year, if it’s nothing but that we are healthy, we have our families and that we are still here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Taralyn Nicholson is a lifelong Strasburg resident.