Letter to the Editor: An ugly work schedule for House members


Must be nice.

Our House of Representatives has published its projected yearly work schedule for 2016. In my view, it is pretty ugly.

To be fair, I do not know what will happen during the 111 scheduled days the members will be in Washington and actually present in the Capitol (and many of those 111 days are only partial days.) I have read that their 30 weeks of essentially paid vacation will be spent in their home districts, communing with their constituents and discussing mutual concerns.

Maybe I have it all wrong when I believe that, instead of using the unlimited travel allowances they gave themselves to go home Thursday evening and return Tuesday morning, they could be on the job and working with other members of the House to discuss issues and negotiate for solving the existing problems we face as a nation. I also may be wrong when I believe a goodly number of trips home are to raise money to finance their next re-election campaign.

No wonder the job approval rating for members of the House of Representatives is 13 percent. Who makes up the 13 percent?  The truly sad part of all of this is that it looks like nothing will change.

Lee Jette,  Maurertown