Letter to the Editor: Candidate is dedicated and hard working


The political season is here and along with it comes all the ads, political signs and promises. We need to keep in mind what these positions represent.

Donna McEathron has put her name in the hat for the South River District School Board position.  I have known Donna for 33 years and her work ethic and integrity speak for itself.  Donna is a local native, has raised her children in this community,  is hard working and dedicated.  She has witnessed first hand what our schools need and has a strong desire to help the future generations have a progressive learning environment.

There are two kinds of people who run for positions, one who is ego driven, usually out of boredom, and the other is one who is wanting to make a difference and really cares about our community’s needs.  Help her help us with the educational environment our children need.

Bruce E. Hite, Front Royal