Letter to the Editor: Candidate understands district’s roads needs


Residents of the Shenandoah Farms subdivision and other mountain communities of the Shenandoah Magisterial District should be concerned about the upcoming Warren County Board of Supervisors election.

The Republican candidate for the district seat, Mr. Tom Sayre, continues to spread false hope that everyone’s road is going to get paved if he is elected to the Board of Supervisors. This is nothing more than political rhetoric and an underhanded attempt to gain votes. If everyone he has spoken to in the last few months of campaigning gets their road paved, it would take 50 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish. None the less, Mr. Sayre continues to claim that funding to pave the dirt roads in the Shenandoah District is one of his top priorities if elected.

The district does have numerous miles of unpaved roads and fortunately area residents have a true advocate to address those needs. Mr. Ralph Rinaldi has been a steadfast supporter of Warren County’s Rural Addition Road Improvement Program. He has lived in Warren County for 18 years and served on the Shenandoah Farms Property Owners Association’s Board of Directors for 16 years. In addition, Ralph has been appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve on the county’s Rural Addition Road Reviewers Committee and fully understands the challenges and limited funding available to address the various unpaved road needs. He understands the steady focused approach needed to make these paving improvements become a reality. During his tenure on the Shenandoah Farms POA Board, he has been actively involved in getting 10 different roadways upgraded and paved to turn over to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

While his opponent has just realized over the past few months of campaigning that the improvement of dirt roads on the mountain will be one of his priorities if elected, Ralph Rinaldi has been actively involved in the process of upgrading and paving dirt roads in the Shenandoah District for the last 16-plus years. Ralph is committed to continuing Warren County’s Rural Addition program and will seek all funding available to meet  paving needs of the various communities.

Lawrence W. Poppek, Front Royal