Letter to the Editor: Climate change needs to be addressed now


Could Bernie Sanders be correct in saying that the No. 1 issue of our time is climate change? I think so. If we eventually have no habitable planet, other issues fade into the background. It’s time to address this issue seriously.

We need perspective. Looking from outer space and considering this dimension and the infinite number of possible universes, our home planet Earth is a mere speck. But it is our home.

We need to stop disrupting this “speck” with pollution, fracking, bombing, etc. Additionally, we may see wars fought over natural resources, such as water. We have to engage the entire globe, realizing that we’re all in this together. Advanced civilizations have come and gone for whatever reasons, and we should learn from history.

We need to put aside partisan politics and focus on the real issues. We’ve had enough personal demonization, obstructionism, and downright hatred.

I suggest we learn the science behind climate change. Ignorance promotes a downward spiral. Getting a new or changed perspective can promote needed change. The ultimate goal is to make it easier for future generations to continue to exist on this little planet called home.

Linda F. Norris, Maurertown