Letter to the Editor: Everyone should make it a priority to vote


Although Joanie Hovatter won’t be on the Shenandoah County School Board this time, her bid for election should teach us all two important lessons:

• Your vote counts. Ms. Hovatter lost by only six votes – less than half of 1 percent of all votes cast. We should all make it a priority to vote, whether it means leaving work early, voting absentee, or simply taking the time to go to polls. The outcome of an election impacts policies and politics for years to come.

• New ideas are important. Ms. Hovatter has a unique message, and valid questions, regarding the direction of our school division that 679 voters thought should be seriously considered (not to mention the folks who didn’t vote, but support her views). Those elected to the School Board would be wise to learn more about Ms. Hovatter’s views, and to consider the hard questions she posed related to school accreditation, leadership, and student-teacher-parent relationships that have been successfully implemented in the divisions in which she has worked.

The competition is over; now the hard work of meeting the needs of our students – the future employees and taxpayers of this community – begins. I sincerely hope we all will learn from it.
Yvonne Frazier, Mount Jackson