Letter to the Editor: Front page headlines were incorrect


The Northern Virginia Daily needs to seriously overhaul its process of choosing a headline.

In the Aug. 21 edition, the front page headline “McAuliffe appeals to Supreme Court chief justice” was wrong.  The entire article was about Virginia’s previous governor Bob McDonnell, not about our current governor McAuliffe.

In your Nov. 10 edition, you have another ridiculously incorrect front page headline.  “Report:  Medicare going to ineligible.”  There is nothing in the entire article about Medicare.  The article is about Medicaid.  In fact, the article mentions the word Medicaid no less than 10 times.

A person applies for Medicare through Social Security.  A person applies for Medicaid through the Department of Social Services.  They are not the same program, they have different eligibility requirements and are administered by two different agencies.

I know that many people, especially the elderly, tend to skim the newspaper.  You would not believe how many people will see this headline, in big bold letters on the front page, but will never read a word of the article.  They will immediately decide that the government is taking away their Medicare.  This is because the Northern Virginia Daily apparently doesn’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and you don’t match your headline with the topic of the article.  So spreads the rumors and myths, fueling the flames of ignorance.

Kathy Kehoe, Strasburg