Letter to the Editor: Pipeline would not have been a benefit for public


I was glad to hear that the president decided not to allow the Keystone XL oil pipeline. And he had good reasons, not the least of which were that Canadian tar sands were not going to lower our gas prices and it was not wise environmentally.

But the oil lobby is torqued. But who would really benefit from that pipeline? Not we the general public. Only those who are investors in the oil companies would benefit. The processed output of those tar sands would be put on tankers bound for China and other countries.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us consider one thing. The oil companies are in business to make profit for their investors, not for the general public. Why did they abandon drilling in the Arctic? Because it would not be profitable enough!
Recently I heard an interview on the radio with a chap who owns oil wells. The wells he owns are ones that the big oil company decided were no longer profitable for them. Yet the wells keep pumping oil. In fact, the gentleman mentioned one well that he purchased 30 years ago is still pumping oil. Not enough for BP, Exxon etc, but enough for him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The worst thing that can happen now is to have the GOP take over the White House and the Congress in 2016. If that happens you can bet your bippy that the pipeline will be constructed and the general public will pay the bill and not get any of the profit.
Bob Brookfield,Wardensville, West Virginia