Letter to the Editor: They are all nice guys


In the race for sheriff of Frederick County we can all conclude that all three candidates are nice guys! They have all helped people over time, they have all done great deeds. In the end what should the determining factors be for hiring someone (which is what we are doing, hiring them) to be our chief law enforcement officer?

Experience and complete background in law enforcement should take center stage as we evaluate the candidates. Of the three candidates, one has been in law enforcement for under eight years and never managed a professional budget.

One candidate has fought the war on drugs on a national level and fought against terrorism! Only one candidate has actually worked all over the country investigating major cases. Republican Terry Bohan has gone overseas with our troops to work with K9s and has been recognized nationally for his work. In these unpredictable times, electing a sheriff with the maximum skill set is more important than electing your buddy.

Terry Bohan has plans for improved school safety with an enhanced school resource officer program, he will use his training and contacts to help fight against the growing heroin issues in our region. It is nice to talk about it, it is one thing to have done it.

Bohan is the most qualified person for the job.

Mike Guevremont,  Winchester